Liviu B. Antoni

Co-Founder / Altergaze

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After 16 years of experience in working with CG content ranging from games, advertising, animation and interactive media, Liviu became one of the founders of Altergaze — one of the first VR hardware companies to focus on mobile and smartphone technologies. Liviu started his first company at age 15 — a small boutique studio, developing motion graphics for Broadcast and TV, while also embracing interactive web development and pre-smartphones app development, in the early years of Macromedia Flash and Java Micro Edition. Before Altergaze, Liviu worked with some of the biggest companies in film and interactive media, such as MPC London, Nexus Productions, Unit9, Rewind FX, and many others. He is currently overseeing the opening of Altergaze Studio, a content production company with a focus on AR, VR and interactive media.