Cindy Feng

COO / Startupbootcamp China

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Now – 2016, Chief Operation Officer at Startupbootcamp China. Company setup and team building, strategy development and overall operation of the company. Help local clients to build open innovation platforms to acquire tech deals and talents, including government bodies, SOEs and multi-national companies in China.

2016-2012, Regional Manager at Mercedes-Benz. Develop strategy, action plan for over 50 Mercedes-Benz dealers in the west part of China to realize targets in sales volumn, margin, brand building and customer retention. Was part of the Mercedes-Benz China innovation initiative on customer experience digitalization.

2012-2010, Info and Knowledge Management Champion at Chevron China. Build the playbook of info and knowledge for Chevron’s first high pressure high H2S gas well in China. Introduce WellView system from global to Chevron China.

2010-2005, Zone Manager at Ford. Similar roles and responsibilities than that with Mercedes-Benz, but it was with a small group of Ford dealers in the Southeast China.